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Your child starting nursery is a major milestone and most parents approach it with conflicting emotions. If your child is about to start nursery, you will understand the mixed feelings too; you’re almost certainly excited about the all the fun and hype and at the same time a little apprehensive and sad that your tiny tot is taking his/her first tiny step into the big world without you. These feeling are perfectly normal and your kid is likely to have them too. He/she will feel proud to be big kid and they will also worry venturing on something unfamiliar and the separation from you.

The week before the big day is very important and there’s lot you can do to prepare yourself and your child. But remember, you have to keep everything low-key, if not your child will become more worried than excited about starting nursery. Below, are some fun activities put together to help ease that anxiety before your child starts nursery:

– Reading, like in everything else, is very important before starting nursery. Read books about nurseries. There are numerous books about attending nursery that you can easily get from your local library. You can choose several to read with your child and after reading, make sure you discuss the story and characters. Talk about how your child feels too. It’s also a good idea to read preschool books that deals with separation. If your child wants to read a book again and again, don’t be surprised- it’s their way of working through emotions and processing new ideas.

– Pretend play to explore the idea of nursery. You can take turns being the student, parent or teacher. Act out ordinary daily nursery activities like singing poems and songs, reading, playing outside, saying goodbye and even taking naps. At every moment, reassure your child that nursery is an enjoyable place where he/she will learn, make friends and have fun.

– Teach your child self-helping skills like unzipping a coat, fastening a shoe, etc. Make a game out of it, like for example race with your kid to see who puts on their shoe faster and having a picnic and teaching them how to unzip their lunch box and unpack a sandwich.

– Take your child to the nursery and tour it with him/her. Activities like playing with your child in the playground will increase their confidence and comfort in the new place.

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