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Collecting and preserving some of their favourite summer memories will give your child a sense of time and perspective. And it’s also an excellent way to keep them busy during the summer holidays. Assembling a summer scrapbook will also help you connect and bond with your kids over shared experiences, whether it’s heading off to camp, a family vacation or simply enjoying the holidays. Here’s a very simple summer scrapbook project kids can make.

– Focus the scrapbook project on the things your child loves. Ask your child to pick on a theme, be it chronological by subject or by a place. For example if your child is more active outdoors than crafty, try going for things that are linked to the things he/she loves with the outdoors, be it sports, travel photos or things collected in the garden like bugs and leaves.

– Assembling a scrapbook is very easy and you can do it with supplies you’d probably find in the house. Stock up on supplies like magic markers, glue sticks, decorative-edged scissors, decorative sheets of papers, etc.

– Every little object can mean something to your child. Designate a box in your house that your child can fill with anything he/she thinks is interesting and will want to preserve. Things like postcards, stamps, photos, recipes, luggage tags, pressed flowers, flyers, etc can be akin to treasure for your kid.

– There are thousands of methods to lay out a scrapbook. Get your child to pick up items that make sense with the theme he/she has picked. You don’t need to include every scrap of paper relating to the summer holidays. You need to be selective. Also make sure to write captions on construction paper rather than the book and keep a little white space on each page so as not to make the scrapbook seem too busy and overcrowded. Get your kid to use different shapes and colours on every page for visual interest.

Some kids may want to collect everything first and then assemble the summer scrapbook later and some kids will enjoy bringing it together throughout the summer vacation. Whatever method they choose, make sure they have plenty of fun.

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