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One cannot stress enough on the importance of reading skills that is so important for childhood development and preschool learning, but unfortunately, today’s kids would rather play a video game, or watch television than take up books. Getting your kid to read is a challenge, but not an impossible one. Listed out below are some ways to encourage reading. Most of them are basic and very simple, but remember, the biggest encouragement your child can get comes from you- the parents within the house. Those kids who come from homes where parents read personally, appreciate reading and have a myriad of books available are more likely to become avid readers themselves. So, here are the ways to encourage reading in kids and maybe the ideas below are those that you haven’t thought out yet.

– Children being children prefer literary books that trigger wonder and curiosity as well as stimulate imagination. They need intense, funny, exciting books. Our kids need to experience what reading can be like so as to be excited and enthused about taking up a book. Make sure that you never neglect the creative significance of your children’s literacy. Let them enjoy the wonders of literature, give them the freedom to explore, to imagine and allow them to be drawn into the author’s world; let them escape and daydream.

– Give your child the freedom of choosing the books they like. Just like adults, each child has different areas that capture his/her imagination. Allow children to pick out the books they think will interest them and although it isn’t that easy, you can always offer help for supportive choices. Ask them about their interests, advise them on new authors and above all, never forget to remind them about the timeless pleasure of classics.

– Have a good selection of engaging books and make them accessible. Those kids who love to read almost always come from homes that have books that are easily available. Don’t put books where your kids can’t reach them or see them.

– Making reading a habit yourself and read frequently. If your kids see that you enjoy reading, they’re more likely to do the same. Encourage older children to read everyday and discuss with them about it. With your younger ones, offer to read to them at least once a day.

– Introduce new books to kids by reading aloud. When reading aloud, make it appealing, like using character voices. If you feel you’re terrible at this, there are some terrific audio books that can help you out. The more engaged your kids are with the reading, the more value they will place on reading.

– Above all make reading fun for them. Give them enough time to read because it is about the quality of time they spend reading instead of the quantity. Don’t focus too much on decoding the story because that’s a surefire way to dampen the enthusiasm. What’s the use of teaching kids to read if there’s no excitement about it?

Reading is a gift that you can give your child and with support from an early age, together with perseverance and persistence, you can instill the love of reading in your child, thereby teaching them a lifelong skill.

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